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Model: AHASwRS
AYUR HERBALS AMLA AND SHIKAKAI WITH REETHA SHAMPOO PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Ayur Herbals Amla and Shikakai with Reetha Shampoo works as a stimulant, enhancing the growth and texture of the hair. The shampoo includes all the essential constituents that are majorly considered beneficial for hair growt..
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Model: a1h1s1
AYUR HERBALS Coconut Shampoo PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Ayur Herbals Coconut Shampoo contains richness of coconut which offers hydration and nourishment to the hair by making them soft and manageable. This herbal shampoo releases a pleasant coconut fragrance relieving one’s psychic health. It mai..
Ex Tax:₹50.00
Model: a1h1h1
AYUR HERBALS HENNA POWDERPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Ayur Herbals Henna Powder is a Rajasthani mehendi powder, providing rich color to the hair without leaving any side effects as compared to other chemical hair dyes. It constitutes of all the essentials that make hair soft and manageable. This powder hol..
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Model: h1t1s1
AYUR HERBALS HENNA TULSI SHAMPOO PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Ayur Herbals Henna Tulsi Shampoo is a natural tonic, providing nourishment to the hair and scalp. Vital constituents like Henna, Tulsi and Aloe Vera make it an all-inclusive shampoo that mandates growth and improvement. These essentials wo..
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Model: c1r1s1
AYUR HERBALS MOISTURIZING CHARCOAL - RICH SHAMPOOPRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Ayur Herbals Moisturizing Charcoal-Rich Shampoo is a blend of Activated Charcoal, Rose Petals, and Aloe Vera, making it an all-exclusive shampoo for all hair types and helps in retaining the lost smoothness and shine. It acts ..
Ex Tax:₹110.00
AYUR HERBALS MOISTURIZING CHARCOAL RICH SHAMPOO COMBO PACKPRODUCT DESCRIPTION:This combo pack consists of Ayur Herbals Moisturizing Charcoal-Rich Shampoo and Ayur Herbals Moisturizing Hair Conditioner. This shampoo is a blend of Activated Charcoal, Rose Petals, and Aloe Vera, making it an all-exclus..
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Model: m1h1c1
AYUR HERBALS MOISTURIZING HAIR CONDITIONER PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Ayur Herbals Moisturizing Hair Conditioner is a pH-balanced conditioner majorly containing Ceramide Protein with other constituents like Coconut oil and Chamomile extracts. It effectively repairs and nourishes hair roots, stre..
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Model: AHRS
AYUR HERBALS ROSEMARY SHAMPOO PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Ayur Herbals Rosemary Shampoo containing the essentials of rosemary, is an effective shampoo with excellent conditioning properties. It conditions dry scalp, stimulates the growth of hair follicles by perpetuating moisture content in the hair,..
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Model: s1p1s1
AYUR HERBALS SOYA PROTEIN SHAMPOOPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Ayur Herbals Soya Protein Shampoo contains Soybean extracts which cure thin and delicate hair. Soya, a natural source of protein strengthens the hair roots making them thick and dense.A protective layer is formed on the hair follicles, returnin..
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