The face is the crown of a person as it is the most focused part of the body, as it is often said a person must not judge a book by its cover, but somewhere we all know that a healthy face is attractive and a head-turner at all times. In a metropolitan city, our skin is quite prone to facial skin problems which come very naturally, but not curing it and ignoring it is something not okay. Here we are to help you recognize the facial problems at the very initial level so that you can cure them with the best. 


Acne and Pimples

Excessive dust and pollution can be the reason for increasing pimples and acne on the face. Sometimes changing hormones and a stressful lifestyle may lead to red acne and big pore pimples. Study your skin and use the product your skin demands. The right product range can cure and prevent acne and pimples. 



Exposure to direct sun and heat can be the leading cause of redness and irritation on your face and skin. The UV rays can be very toxic and dangerous for your skin and protecting your skin with the right skin shield lotions is the prime solution to increasing redness. Summers are lovely and dangerous at the same point in time. Protect yourself with a sun-protecting lotion to avoid redness and irritation. 


Flaky skin

Flaky skin is a symptom of dry and dead skin. Dry skin can be very difficult to deal with as the person is very prone to wrinkles and aging at a very young age, if not treated timely, it may result in premature aging which is not a good sign. 


Post shaving/waxing irritation

Every woman needs a flawless canvas to paint her face with the best of makeup products and that is the reason that face shaving and face waxing is promoted these days. But face shaving and face waxing may result in open pores and rashes on the face which may be painful. 


All these problems have one simple solution- and that is Ayur Herbals all-purpose face and body cream with the goodness of aloe vera, which is suitable to all skin types and very beneficial to you.