Your skin needs extra care in summers, but in this busy life even taking care of your own self feels like a task. Your skin doesn’t ask for much but just a few minutes from your daily routine. Just a few things here and there and you can have that healthy skin you always thrived for.

Fresh Start

To give your morning a kick start use Ayur Herbals Tulsleem Body Wash, it will not only give you long-lasting freshness but also remove all the impurities leaving your skin soft and aromatic. The good news, you have a variety of Neem and Kesar to choose from according to your personal preference. Ayur Herbals Tulsleem Body Wash is infused with the natural properties of Neem that helps to maintain your essential body oils.

After shower care

To moisturize your skin after taking shower is also an important part of your daily care routine. Shower leaves your body dry but when you apply moisturizer some tiny droplets of water gets absorbed into your skin which helps in keeping your skin hydrated all day. It is very important to choose a moisturizer only with natural ingredients because chemicals can damage your skin and give you skin allergies. Ayur Herbals Fruitamin Hydrating Lotion and Cream suits every skin tone and skin type along with providing essential nutrients to your skin. Ayur Herbals Moisturizer has soothing agents like Aloe vera, rose petals and cucumber; they keep your skin fresh even in harsh summers.

Expert sun protection

After moisturizer, a sun protection expert is a must. A lot of people believe that we don’t need sunscreen if we are inside or our skin is not exposed to light but that is wrong. We need sunscreen all the time even if we are sitting at home or office, it protects our skin from damage and ultraviolet rays. Always choose sunscreen according to your skin and sun exposure. Ayur Herbals Sunscreen is available in SPF 15, 20, 30 and 40++ providing 360˚ sun protection to your skin. As we are talking about sun protection, Ayur Herbals Anti Sun Tan protects you from the harmful rays of the sun as well as brighten your skin.

CTM (Cleansing Toning Moisturizing)

At the end of a long tiring day in sun and pollution, your skin wants to relax and that relaxation is the Ayur Herbals CTM routine. To remove all the dust and impurities clean your face with Ayur Herbals Cleansing Milk when you come home in the evening. If you want you can also use Ayur Herbals Face wash, they come in refreshing verities like Charcoal, Neem and Papaya. All the ingredients in Ayur Herbal Cleansing milk and Face wash are Natural and Herbal to nourish your skin gently.

Once you have cleaned your skin you need to minimize the pores because cleansing leaves your pores open. That’s where you need Ayur Herbals Toner or Gulabjal to minimize those pores to maintain the skin elasticity forever.

At last, you need your moisturizer because again your skin always needs to be hydrated. You can use Ayur Herbals Moisturiser or Ayur Herbals Fruitamin cream, it works for all skin type.

If you follow this summer care routine, you will definitely have that soft-healthy skin and summers will not cause any harm to your skin.