Summer is here and your wardrobe is not just the only thing that needs to be revamped. Greasy and sweaty skin is what summer brings on the side! We might have revamped our summer skincare routine but we also need to set our body care routine according to the temperature. A switch to lightweight products, hydrating formulations and more is what your body care routine needs and to help you with the same, we have got you covered with the best body care tips to follow this season. Body care products that safeguard you from the sun are a true blessing. Here's Your Body Care Product Guide For Summers.

Switch To A Hydrating Body Wash

Body washes are a must-have in everybody's care routine and with summers settling in, it is essential to switch to hydrating ingredients which give a refreshing boost to your skin and rejuvenates your body. Cleansing with the right products is the key to refreshing and soothing skin. Ayur Herbals Tulseem Moisturizing Shower Gel with the goodness of Kesar is the best pick for summers! It can hydrate your skin well and keep it glowing and dewy at all times. 

Choose a light textured product

Products with heavy textures are a big no in summers, so why not choose a product that is super light in texture and keeps your skin super fresh and dewy and of course maintains the pH balance of the skin. Ayur Herbals Fruitamin Lotion is the right pick for you here as it is the only lotion that moisturizes the skin with the goodness of fruits and keeps the skin non-oily and light. 

Do not forget Sunscreen

Sunscreen is your skin regimen is the most important step of all as it works like a shield on your skin to protect you from all those rigid tan lines and redness that tend to happen from the harsh rays of the sun. A minimum sunscreen of 20 must be applied to keep your skin protected from all the damage caused by the sun. Ayur Herbals Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 40++ is the best for you! Get it for yourself now!