You know the feeling, right? When you get into the shower to wash your hair and you run your fingers through your hair, only to grab a big chunk of hair strands clinging to your hands. It’s one of those panic-inducing moments when you feel thwarted. Well, if it makes you feel any better, every woman standing at the cusp of adulthood, hormonal change, or season change suffers through the same issue – Extensive Hair Fall.

As per the dermatologists, hair fall during season change increases as your hair enters the ‘Shedding‘ phase. The next question that arises here is what is the shedding period? Well, your hair works in three different phases, the first one being the Anagen phase, which is also known as the ‘Growth’ phase that lasts for approximately 3-6 months. The Catagen phase or the ‘traditional’ phase lasts for a couple of weeks and the Telogen phase, commonly known as the ‘resting’ phase starts towards the end of a season and lasts for a month or so. During the resting phase, your hair is not growing, and so shedding becomes more prevalent.

Ways to Control Hair Loss during Season Change Indeed, losing hair towards season change is natural and normal. However, dermatologists believe that hair fall can increase if you do not take extra care of your hair during the resting period. There are several ways to protect your hair from harsh weather changes. Let’s walk

through them.

● Invest in Deep Hair Conditioning Routine

Deep hair conditioning treatments primarily include regular oiling, massaging, giving your hair the right amount of protein via natural ingredients, etc. Natural ingredients or home remedies like Amla, Reetha, Shikakai, Aloe Vera, and many other plant-based proteins dive deep into the scalp and instantly offer your hair nourishment and softness required for them to stay strong in harsh weather conditions. Ayur Herbals Amla Reetha with Shikakai Shampoo has natural and herbal healing properties that can cure your scalp problems.

● Recognize your Hair Type and Choose Shampoo Accordingly

Before applying everything and anything suggested for your hair, try and recognize your hair type. For instance, some people have an oily scalp, while others suffer from dry and itchy ones. The basic scalp condition is what you have to target to cease hair fall and increase hair growth to avoid complete baldness.

Once you’re aware of your scalp type, choose a shampoo that contains just the right ingredients to treat your hair issues precisely. For example, Ayur Herbals Moisturizing Charcoal Shampoo and moisturizing conditioner focus on returning your hair strength and depleting the chances of hair loss during season change. It suits almost every hair type.

● Maintain a Healthy Diet

To talk about hair health, we would recommend you to stay hydrated the entire day, increase your water intake; include vitamins and protein intake to get strong and healthy hair. Include more fruits in your everyday diet.

● Indulge in Regular Hair Cut or Trimming

Excessive dryness can cause split-ends, and whatever you do, sometimes split-ends are inevitable. Hence, regular hair trimming is essential for hair growth. Additionally, trim hair looks maintained and beautiful.

Always remember, there’s not much an average person can do to prevent hair fall or seasonal shedding. Still, if you’re already worried about hair thinning or extensive hair loss, you can always go for natural herbal products. They use fewer chemicals and are extremely mild on your hair. Ayur Herbals’ has always stood for nature-based products. We would recommend you to switch to Ayur Herbals Haircare products to prevent hair loss during seasonal hair fall.