The festive season brings in lots of excitement and events in a row, be it Diwali card party, Karwachauth dinner and the list is never-ending. Make-up and grooming for the event is the most important part as it brings in a charm in it, but excess make-up and artificial grooming products may damage the texture of the skin. Adapting a skin regime for healthy and dewy-looking skin is very important so that your skin is repaired. Here is a 3 step skin routine for your skin so that you are ready for a boom for the festive skin. 


Removing make-up and using the method of double cleansing is the best way to clean the skin toxins and make it clean and breathable. Use Ayur Herbals deep cleansing milk or baby oil to clog the skin pores and remove your make-up in a smooth way. Then the next step is to use a face wash like Ayur Herbals Lemon and Honey Face Wash on a daily basis. Never use soap on your face, as it tends to dry out the skin. 


Toning is the step that can enhance the texture of your skin as it tends to protect your skin from the extensive damage caused by makeup, which is visible in the longer run. Toner tends to be the mandatory step in making the skin lustrous and shiny as it pampers the skin well and helps in closing the open pores firmly. The toners are also supposed to add hydration to the skin to make it supple. Using a toner like Ayur Herbals Skin Toner With Aloe Vera can be very fruitful to your skin. Do not rub the toner on the face, instead gently dab it on the skin. 


No skincare routine is complete without moisturizing. Moisturizing your face means using a product, which means restoring the moisture of your skin as toner closes the pores and sometimes this process may result in dry skin which may lack moisture. This will help in hydrating your skin and restoring the necessary nutrients to it. Do not forget to choose a moisturizer according to your skin type. If your skin is dry or mature, you need a heavy moisturizer whereas, for oily and combination skin, a light oil-free moisturizer would do. Choosing Ayur Herbals Moisturizer is the best for your skin. 

In the end, we would like to suggest that choosing the right and herbal products for your skin can be drastically effective on your skin.