Skincare is the most essential part that must be followed at all times with discipline. We all are entering the batch of 2022 and as the rule says, we take a new year resolution that brings any schedule on track. Here are some of the ways mentioned below that can help you in maintaining the promise of a healthy skincare routine this new year. 


Be consistent with the idea of double cleansing 

Pollution is at its peak and you must be very careful with your skin. Adapt the idea of double cleansing  And make your skin breathable. Firstly, use Ayur Herbals Deep Cleansing Milk and cleanse your skin with it, then give your skin a rinse with Ayur Herbals Lemon and Honey Face Wash. 


Love your make-up but hate it during your beauty sleep

 Remove your make-up to sleep. Sleeping with make-up is a complete drab. It can damage your skin the maximum, do not ignore even the minimum amount of it, use an earbud to remove the mascara and eye make-up, and cleanse your face properly before going to sleep. 


Stay hydrated

Have at least 3 liters i.e 7 to 8 glasses of water to keep your skin hydrated. A high intake of water can make your skin luscious and healthy. Do not ignore the need for water in your life, be it summer or winter. 


Use moisturizer twice a day

Cleansing opens your pores, only cleansing can make your skin dry. Nourish your skin after cleansing with the help of moisturizer. Use Ayur Herbals Moisturizer twice a day and break the myth that oily skin does not require moisturizer as every skin type needs an equal amount of care. Oily skin needs a gel-based moisturizer while a dry skin type needs a creme-based moisturizer. 


Do not ignore your neck and chest area 

Uneven skin tone is the most annoying part, eliminate this factor by taking care of your body. Do not ignore your neck and chest area while moisturizing. Use Ayur Herbals All Purpose Cream to nourish your body equally. 

Here are some of the useful ways that you can adopt in your day-to-day life and make your skin healthy and luscious at all times.