Just as you take care of your skin and hair during the rainy days, in the same way your lips also ask for extra care during the rainy season. Your lips, which adds to your smile, can lose their shine in the monsoon. Want to know how you can keep your lips soft and tan-free all season long? By keeping these few things in mind, you can get rid of the dryness and pigmentation of your lips.



Scrubbing your lips is very important in any season, but while scrubbing always remember that you do not over-exfoliate or harsh scrub your lips as this can damage the skin of your lips. Take your favorite lip balm and apply it on your lips. After applying a small amount of lip balm on your lips, rub it with a toothbrush in circular motion for a while. This is the best way to get rid of dead skin cells from your lips.


Don't forget to moisturize

Don't forget to moisturize right after exfoliating/scrubbing. Chapped lips can also lead to bleeding which we all know can be very painful, therefore, always carry a lip balm in your bag as it will come in handy for you. To keep your lips soft, apply lip balm frequently so that they do not dry out. Natural Fruit Lip Balm like Ayur Herbals Lip Balm helps to give you extra care and nourishment while also being available in your favorite flavors.


Remove makeup before bed

Don't even think of going to bed without removing the makeup from your face. The presence of chemicals on your lips for a long time can make them dull and dry, also your lips may crack. Smoking is also one of the main reasons for the darkening of the lips and pigmentation.


Make water a priority

We know very well that you are tired of hearing this from the people around you, but drinking water is necessary to fix anything. Drink plenty of water at regular intervals to keep your lips soft and beautiful, this will keep you hydrated and healthy both inside and out.


Massage your lips

You can get rid of the dullness of your lips by massaging your lips, either with rose water or oil of your choice by massaging your lips in circular motions with light hands. This will increase the blood flow to your lips and you will get fuller-looking, soft and pink lips.