This season you can skip the makeup and heavy skin do’s but there is one thing that you absolutely cannot skip in summers, that is face wash. We wash our face multiple times in summers, every time we wash our face we get rid of some dust and some essential oils from our skin. It becomes very important to use a face wash which helps to retain our natural skin oil while cleaning off all the dust and dirt. Different face wash have different ingredients, some are chemical-based while others are herbal, you should give priority to the ones with natural and herbal ingredients as these face washes will cause no harm to your skin. 

Here are some points you can keep in mind while choosing a face wash:

1. Listen to your skin: Always listen to your skin needs. Everyone has different skin texture and different skin needs. If you have dry skin, a cream-based face wash will work best for you, while foaming or a gel one is ideal for oily skin. Normal to combination skin type can opt for a gel-based face wash in summers to keep the overall hydration intact.

2. Keep it natural: After wearing heavy products all day on your skin you deserve a wash that is natural and herbal. Beauty products no matter how organic they are, are chemicals. Choose a face wash with natural ingredients, it will not only retain your lost glow but also won’t cause you any allergies or side effects. 

3. Charcoal face wash: Charcoal has a great capacity to absorb polluting influences, added with rosewater and Aloe Vera it can suck out all the dirt and impurities from your skin, it also keeps a tab on premature ageing of the skin. Ayur Herbals Charcoal face wash is one face wash in the market that suits all skin types and guarantees you a softer than ever skin with its natural charcoal properties.

4. Summer troubles: For summers mostly people complain about oily skin and acne. The reason for acne is clogged skin pores and dirt. Use a face wash with skin cleansing properties, which can pull all the dirt out of your skin leaving it naturally beautiful. You will be surprised to know that charcoal being a natural ingredient can actually do wonders for your skin. Charcoal face wash by Ayur Herbals effectively discards dirt and oil to give you a spotless skin.

Summers can go a little tough on your skin, so it becomes even more important to choose the right product with the right ingredients, many chemical-based products can cause rashes and allergic reactions to your skin and hot weather can make it worse. Go safe with only herbal products and enjoy the days of sunlight.