Nature has blessed everyone with different skin types, as every skin is unique. We should know about our skin type and follow a skin routine according to it. The best facial cleanser can add spark to our skin by making it flawlessly, shiny, and free from all the problems. Here are some of the best cleansers suggested for you according to your skin type. 

Dry skin: (Lemon and Honey Facewash)

Honey is the key ingredient to restore moisture and keep the skin soft and supple, whereas lemon is the key ingredient to fight dullness. Ayur Herbals Lemon and Honey Facewash is the best advice for dry skin as it fulfills all the requirements. Ayur Herbals Lemon & Honey Face Wash is enriched with the essentials of Lemon and Honey. Both the ingredients have beneficial properties for your damaged and dry skin. Lemon contains the goodness of Vitamin C which helps in the brightening of your skin. It has great purifying properties as it deep cleanses your skin providing it with essential nutrients and moisture.

Combination skin: (Charcoal Facewash)

Combination skin is the type that needs extra care as the skin has multiple textures at several places. Search for a face cleanser that maintains the pH balance of the skin and makes your skin flawlessly beautiful. Ayur Herbals Charcoal Face Wash has some great detoxifying properties that can exfoliate your skin well and make it clean and shiny like never before. It works equally well on all sections of the skin and cares for the combination skin in the best way possible.


Oily skin: (Tea Tree Facewash)

Oily skin is the most difficult to carry yet the most youthful in the long run. The symptoms of oily skin are Enlarged pores, dull or shiny, thick complexion, Blackheads, pimples, or other blemishes. Oily skin can be very frustrating sometimes, so one must be super careful while selecting a facial cleanser for it. Ayur Herbals Tea Tree Face Wash is the best choice to make as the ingredient is appropriate for oily skin.