Benefits Of Using A Toner For Your Skin.

C-T-M; Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing, these three are the most heard combination when it comes to skincare. Asking someone for their skincare regime, the first thing you will get to hear is CTM. Usually, people do cleanse and moisturize indirectly. This can be seen as a normal washing of face with a face wash and finishing it off with any cream or lotion which you find best suitable for your skin. Often, it has been noticed that people skip the major middle step, that is, toning. It could be the absence of this step in your skincare regime that is standing in between you and your clear skin!

The usage of the toner and its benefits are often misunderstood. We are here to educate you on the benefits of using a toner. Toner can be seen as a liquid that helps in removing excess dirt, traces of oil and maintains the pH level of your skin. Once your skin is balanced, it becomes less prone to infections and acne breakouts.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using a toner for your skin:.

1. Shrinks pores: Enlarged pores are easy to notice and it can make your skin appear rough and unbalanced. You can make reduce the appearance of your pores by using a suitable toner for your skin type. Although it is not permanently possible for you to shrink pores. But, toner can help you remove excess oil and dirt stuck deep inside your skin pores and will give you a soft and nourishing look. This will make your skin appear more balanced and young. Once your pores are clean, it will avoid acne breakouts hence preventing your skin from any type of infection. And if you’re out somewhere, you can always spray toner on your face to get a bright look.

2. Restores pH balance: You must have heard this word, pH balance, a lot of times. But, have you ever tried to figure out what it has to do with your skin? The pH balance of your skin shields the inner layer against skin allergies, dirt, bacteria, and whatnot. For your skin to remain healthy, it is important for you to make sure that your skin is pH balanced. Toner can help you restore your skin’s pH balance and you will notice a change in its appearance. It blocks out germs and bacteria hence protecting your skin from acne and unhealthy appearance. Making your skin look flawless, it is important for you to keep your skin’s pH up and up!

3. A layer of protection: As told above, Toner cleanses the skin pores deeply and tightens them as a result. It removes excess oil and adds a layer of protection over your skin. This layer protects your skin from impurities and free radical damage. Once applied, it’s the first layer of defense against common impurities. Its use doesn’t have to do with the skin type that you may have. It is one important step that you must follow to protect and nourish your skin deeply.

4. Refreshes skin: Spraying toner on your face after a long, tiring day have many technical beauty benefits. But, have you ever noticed how fresh you feel once you apply it on your face. It will automatically soothe your skin giving you a fresh look instantly. Before moisturizing and after cleansing, toning completes your skincare regime. It cleanses your skin efficiently providing moisture as well, hence improving your skin’s overall appearance.

5. Restores moisture: Some of you may worry that you already have dry skin and using a toner will make it more dry and flaky. It’s a myth! Toners nowadays remove dirt as they cleanse the skin deeply while locking moisture. Even if you have dry skin, you can use toner which will give a fresh appearance to your skin while purifying it deeply. Usually, toners work best for oily skin. Since your skin is oily, it is more prone to acne and redness. Toner relieves redness and unwanted itchiness leaving your skin deeply hydrated.

6. Non-oily skin: The most helpful product for your oily skin is Toner. Toner keeps a check on extra oily skin and hence make your pores clean. As it tightens your pores, it will automatically minimize the secretion of excess oil out of them. Since you cleanse your face daily, your skin may have some remains of makeup and traces of oil. Toner is the best product if you are looking forward to a non-oily, fresh skin.