A suntan can put off your whole beauty regime, specifically when you’re seeking to attend a big event and look your best. Knowing the fact, we’re always very discreet when it comes to sun exposure, especially in a tropical country like ours. 

What is Tanning?

When skin cells of your body are revealed to the harmful UV rays of the sun, they barge into protection mode. The melanin from melanocytes is moved to keratinocytes, which are the exterior skin cells. As a defensive mechanism, the melanin pigment stops UV radiation from further cell damage. Therefore, tanning is seeable over the uncovered part of the body. Tanning is the process by which the skin pigment (melanin) grows in the skin after exposure to the sun directing to a darkening effect. 

How to prevent suntan?

A suntan can majorly happen when your skin is exposed to high sun rays. Preventing suntan here becomes very important as it can somewhat be very toxic to the body in many ways and make the skin Here taking measures for suntan protection is mandatory as it causes a major imbalance in the body. 

How does Sunscreen help?

Excessive sun exposure can cause a major injury to your DNA and it may age your skin. Worst of all, lengthy and excessive sun exposure can pave the way to skin cancer. You need to take preventive measures before stepping out on a sunny day. But, how to avoid tanning? Here’s where a sunscreen lotion can help you. Sunscreens block or lower the effect of the harmful sun rays and it helps in tan removal. There are different sorts of sunscreens with different SPF numbers that can help you and one must be very careful while selecting the right SPF for them. 

How can SPF numbers vary?

Well, the SPF number on a sunscreen shows the level of UVB protection it is capable of giving. Sunscreens with a higher SPF number provide a strong defence against UV rays. For regular use, wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, for example, Ayur Herbals Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 30 is the best to go even on cloudy or rainy days. It is known to be the best anti-tanning sunscreen that can be very fruitful for you. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. You can also wear a hat or scarf and sunglasses that provide protection against ultraviolet radiation.