5 Ways To Use Rose Water For Glowing Skin.

Rosewater is one of those products which is available on the shelves of every household. It has various advantages which makes it very common for daily use. Some of you might use it to relax your eyes’ puffiness while some may use it for glowing skin. Purely herbal rosewater is made of rose petals which makes it a quintessential liquid for day to day use. Its fragrance gives a long-lasting freshening effect to your mind hence calming your nerves.It contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties which work as an overall refreshment for your skin. Although everyone is aware of the basic uses of rosewater.

Let’s look at the 5 ways in which you can use rosewater for glowing skin:

1.Skin toner: Buying a specific toner for your skin may have some side effects. On the other hand, rosewater works as a natural toner for your skin. As told above, it has antibacterial properties that can help you in soothing acne, redness, and irritated skin. If you have acne-prone skin you may seek help with natural and purely herbal rosewater. The basic functionality of a toner is to maintain the skin’s pH level while also keeping an eye on the dirt stuck deep inside your skin pores. You can aim at applying rosewater daily before going to bed and wake up with totally pure and fresh skin.

2.Puffy eyes: Working late or had a late-night party? Puffy eyes are all you get to see when you wake up the next morning! Don’t worry. Soak two cotton pads with rosewater and put them on your eyes. Since rosewater is anti-inflammatory, it can treat under-eye puffiness. It helps you in getting rid of discoloration and swelling giving relief to your puffy eyes. If you are too tired to soak and then apply, you can always look up to rose water spray. Just two sprays under your eyes and a little massage will give you a relieving effect.

3.Makeup remover: Using rosewater as a makeup remover is the best thing that you will get to hear today. Don’t spend money on buying expensive makeup removers which may harm your skin. Most of the makeup removers are chemical-based with added alcohol. Alcohol can make your skin dry and may leave deeper side effects. You can remain dependent on rosewater for your whole life and not worry about it. It is purely natural which can be used even on the sensitive parts of your face. It removes all the makeup from your skin leaving it nourished and soft. After removing makeup with rosewater, you can always use warm water to wash off any remains.

4.Pore cleanser: If you are looking for a crystal clean skin then you must focus deep into your skin. Your skin is not what it really looks like. The skin pores are often stuck with unwanted dirt. These clogged pores are the result of improper cleaning which leads to blackheads, whiteheads, and then acne. Rosewater works as a natural pore cleanser as it unclogs the skin pores and provides them with the moisture that is needed for your skin to make it look flawless. Clean pores lead to an effective glow on your face which makes your skin’s complexion more clear and appealing.

5. Facial mist: Since you have got to know about some of the unknown uses of rosewater. Last but not the least, rosewater can also be used as a facial mist that can be applied anytime anywhere. Take the spray bottle in your bag wherever you go and look fresh at any moment. If you are feeling uncomfortable in your skin or that your skin has become too dry, you can just spray it for nourishment. It will give you the nourishment and the moisture needed at the moment. It also adds a layer of protection that prevents your skin from free radical damage.