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About Us


The mission statement of our Company reads; “Spreading beauty- for internal & external peace, and prosperity”. We started operating in 1979 as a small scale manufacturing unit supplying products to beauty parlours. Propelled by the aforesaid missionary zeal, our company has been registering growth trends unmatched in the Cosmetic Industry since 1984. Right from the beginning, we have never compromised on the product quality, maintaining a value for money equation. Till date, we reach out to the citizens who believe in the power of herbs and help them feel natural in every way possible.


In the year 1992, the Company formulated a proper distribution channel which helped it to register a growth of 12% pa. This has been possible because today “Ayur” as a brand name has become a synonym of a herbal products, which are preciously made with the goodness of nature to bring out the beauty of Indian women in a natural and safe way. We have a strong R&D department to look after the ongoing formulations as well as new & innovative formulations including ancient herbal treatise such as the Charak Samhita. This department is one of our strengths as it also acts as a quality control watchdog.
Today, we have a product portfolio of more than 15 products and 110 SKUs. The three Doshas Ayur works on represent the combination of five elements, i.e, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, as mentioned below :-
Vata (dry skin): Combination of the space and air element
Pitta (Oily Skin): Similar to the fire element
Kapha (Normal Skin): Combination of water and earth element